miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

Geoff Wilmshurst, Study Abroad Manager from Canada, visited a Chilean Family.

Geoff Wilmshurst, Study Abroad Manager of TRU arrived with the two TRU exchange students, Kristi Denbi and Lindsay Davis on Saturday 27th, August. The students were given a tour of the Spanish teaching facility and the Exchange Office of the Chilean host University. After the visit they were driven along the coast line and had a wonderful meal in a local restaurant. After lunch the group visited one of the Chilean families selected by the Housing coordinator, Mrs. Violeta Núñez; During this opportunity the group met Gisela Schulze and Carlos Vásquez, a Chilean host family who were accompanied by the three children of the couple. The family Vásquez Schulze invited the whole group to visit a house (attached house) of their property that has been adapted for students who wish to live independently. Kristi and Lindsay immediately accepted to live in this house.

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